Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nobody is a secret agent- chapter 4, part 2

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 2
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

When she got out of the tube, Peter was in the computer room. So were several agents, none that Jessica knew. Peter saw her and walked over.
    "Hello Jessica, go open your locker. I put your vest in it." Jessica went to the locker room and said her name to it. Not just her vest was in it, she pulled out a note first, she read it:

Dear new agent,
We are glad you are an agent! You will soon start real missions. Feel free to explore the equipment in your locker. If you have any questions, ask Julie, Peter or another agent.
                                            agent Dolphin 
                       (I am in charge of writing welcome notes.)

Jessica put the note back in the locker. There was a booklet about how to use the equipment and watch. She pulled out her vest next. It was tan with green pockets to match her watch. In the bottom of the locker were some drawers. The drawers held Jessica's equipment. Jessica examined it. Every thing was green and silver. There was a small flashlight, a tiny camera, a voice recorder, a double sided screwdrivers, a small trowel, a magnifying glass, mini binoculars, pepper spray, a mirror and a small pocket knife. As she put it back in the drawers, Peter walked up.
    "Hello Jessica. There is a piece of equipment I forgot to give you. He handed her a grappling hook. The chain was concealed in a tube about a foot long with a handle. Peter showed her how it worked. One button made it shoot out, the other retracted it. She put it in her locker. She put all her equipment in  her vest. Alice walked up behind her.
    " Do you want me to show you the tube room?"
    "Sure, great!" said Jessica.

Part 3 is up next! 
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