Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nobody is a secret agent- chapter 4, part three

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 3
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

They entered the tube room. Jessica checked where they were on the map she found in her locker. Jessica looked around her. It was a large room and empty, except for the people in it. The walls were the extraordinary part. They were covered in large circle patterns. They were in a two rows all around the room, one above the other. They alternated and the higher ones had ladders coming down in between the lower ones. Every circle was about three or four feet in diameter. They were all labeled with a name of a place. They were blue and slid open when Jessica went near, revealing a tube that curved out of sight. They were just like the tube in Jessica's room leading to the agency. Jessica looked around at the labels. She had to be careful because agents sometimes came out of the tubes. Alice told her that if the light was red there was an agent in the tube, if not, it was green. 
    "Come on Jessica, I want to show you some more!"
    "Coming Alice!" Before Jessica could figure out what had happened she was pulled backwards through a tube. Jessica just got a glimpse of the label Washington DC before she was completely in the tube.
Jessica looked up. The Washington monument was in the distance. Oh boy. Jessica thought. Alice jumped out of the tube. 
     "Guess we are seeing DC first."
    " It was an accident, I need to get home!"
    " Alright, let's go!" Alice spoke to her watch. "Call Mr. Awesome" Peter's face popped up on her watch.
    "Yes agent cherry?"
    " Open DC return tube." The tube entrance opened up.
    "If you haven't guessed, we have to call back to open tubes so other people don't find it." Back at the agency Jessica ran back to the computer room and through the tube to her room. She ran outside where she found Kyle.
    "Where were you hiding? I said I give up!"
    "I'll never tell! I found the perfect place!

Chapter 5 explains why the book is called Nobody is a Secret Agent!
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