Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent Chapter 4 Part 1

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 4, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire 

Jessica woke up. It was the next morning and the first thing she thought about was when Julie and Peter would call her. As she got up and ate breakfast (while reading) she forgot about the agency. She couldn't forget about that long though, and she kept anticipating the call from the agency.
She wondered what missions would be like. Then she remembered, she could ask Alice! She made sure that her mom was out of hearing range, then she called.
    "Cherry" Alice's face appeared on the small video screen.
    "Hi Jessica! What's up?"
    "I just wanted to know what missions are like."
    "Well, you are paired up with an adult, the missions are things that help the police like finding criminals and returning stolen things."
    "Oh, my mom is coming back!"
    "Bye, Jessica!" Jessica put the watch down just in time as her Mom walked in. She started to load the dishwasher. Jessica sneaked out to her room to avoid getting chores. She couldn't wait for Julie and Peter to call! Maybe it will be easier to wait if I do something else. She read her Greek Myths book and watched TV. After lunch she played outside with Kyle. They went to their secret hide out in the woods. After that they played hide and seek. Kyle was counting and Jessica had used all the good hiding spots. Then her watch beeped, yes!, she thought. She talked to Peter and then she thought of the perfect hiding place! The Agency! She sneaked in to the house and up the stairs to her room. She pushed aside her dresser and slid through the tube.

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