Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

I know this is a pitiful excuse, but I haven't posted much lately because our camera batteries died and I can't find the other pair I KNOW we have. I suppose I could buy more, because that will ensure that the ones I already have will immediately turn up. Murphy's law. Anyway, we did go out last Wednesday to a strawberry field to pick our own berries, and I had the camera - complete with batteries. If you have Facebook you've probably already seen these, but here they are anyway, for my virtual scrapbook:

My very first baby girl, who, it pains me to say, will be a middle-schooler this fall.

Daddy and Selah


Kaity took this picture of me.

She also took this one of her little sister!

This sweet little outfit was Kaity's when she was this age.

Naturally, Joe found the ONLY mud puddle in the entire field.

I made strawberry freezer jam with some of our harvest. It turned out pretty well, I think. I'll be sharing that recipe over on my kitchen blog, Barefoot in the Kitchen.

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