Friday, May 20, 2011

Say What?

My kids go through stages where everything they say is funny to me. They're are without a doubt in one of those stages right now!

Me: Joe, I will pay you a nickel for every pencil you find and bring to me.
Joe: I'd need, like ... Twenty of those to make even ONE dollar! That's too little.
Me: Okay, I'll pay you nothing then.
Joe: Okay, I'll do it for the five cents.

Later the same day ...

Joe: Mommy, you have hair on your toes.
Me: Yes, sweetie.
Kaity: You have hair everywhere on your body, Joe, except the palms of your hands.
Me: And the soles of your feet.
Kaity, matter-of-factly: And of course Hobbits have the MOST hair on their feet.

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