Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Chairs

I always agonize over how to spend money I'm given. I want to make the very best use of it, and I normally piece it out to several little things that we've been needing. This time I blew all my birthday money in one place:! I bought new chairs for our kitchen table. The ones we had were the ladder-back, cane-bottomed chairs and the cane had really suffered the effects of the years, cats, and kids! I did price getting them re-caned, and ultimately went with buying new ones. It was cheaper, believe it or not. The chairs arrived yesterday, with some assembly required. Joe helped out a bit with organizing the pieces and doing some hammering. He really liked that part!

Kaity, testing out the first new chair.

One down, three to go!

Even with Selah's "help" I was able to completely assemble the chairs, except for the seats. They didn't have guide holes drilled, so getting them screwed on was Jeff's job! My linguini arms just couldn't handle it. He also went back and tightened the bolts for the same reason. They turned out really well, in my opinion!

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