Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our little boy is such a ham. He's always saying funny stuff, sometimes even on purpose! He just has such a way of remarking on his observations, and the wording he uses along with gestures is pretty comical. Here are a few recent examples:

I made breakfast pizza as part of dinner one night. After tasting it, Joe ventured apologetically, "Mommy, sorry about this, but ... I'm not a big fan of pizza with scrambled eggs."

Having sent the boy to his room to clean, I noticed it was mysteriously quiet. I looked up to see him standing in his doorway. "Joe, are you cleaning up, or are you playing?" In a disappointed tone he replied, "How did you know who I was? I'm wearing a hat and sunglasses!"

And on the subject of cleaning, I sent him upstairs to bring his laundry down so that I could sort it, wash it, dry it, and fold it. As he lugged the hamper down the stairs he sighed wearily, "Being a six-year-old kid isn't easy, I'll tell you that!"

This is a picture from our recent trip to pick strawberries: more on that later!

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