Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barefoot In The Kitchen

Well, it's no secret to y'all that I love to cook. If only I could hire someone to clean up the kitchen after me, I'd cook a lot more than I do! Technically, though, it won't be long before Kaity can start loading the dishwasher and then I won't have to hire anyone - I'll have an indentured servant all ready to go! At this point I'm just waiting for Joe to be responsible enough to unload the breakable dishes from the dishwasher, then I can transfer Kaity to loading it up. Oh-ho, my master plan is almost complete! (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

Ahem. Anyhoo ... I love to cook. In accordance with that, I've decided to print a cookbook to sell to pay for all the groceries I need to support my habit. No, really! I've been working on it for quite some time, and I'm planning to send it off very shortly. It's titled after my other blog, Barefoot in the Kitchen, and it has over 130 recipes. I'm thinking it will be available by about mid-July and I am very excited about that! I'll keep y'all posted on the details. Just be thinking about how many copies you'd like to buy! (You see how I did that? It's a sales technique.)

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