Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Selah Rachel!

Selah has been growing like a weed lately! She learns something new every day, sometimes several things! One cute thing she's learned to do is to ask for "more" of something. If her mouth is still full, she just raises her eyebrows and entreats with a "Mmmm!" sound with a rising pitch. She recognizes dogs barking and points in their general direction, yelping "Dog!" Selah is also very opinionated about what she wants, and she's begun crying when told, "No", often going to "tattle" to the other parent. Jeff and I laugh about it when she isn't looking!

I'm amazed every day at how active she is, too. She loves to climb into the living room furniture, and today I caught her sitting in a chair at the kitchen table, drinking water from Joe's cup! On a sad note, she's now breached the barrier we set up at the foot of the stairs. She can climb over the ottoman we've been using to block her access. We're going to have to get a bit more creative now!

Speaking of blocking access, Selah has two favorite places right now and I am not exaggerating when I say that I have to get her out of them a dozen times a day: the trashcan and the cat food. She seriously goes at the cat food with both hands, stuffing as much in her mouth as possible before she gets caught. She's hearing her middle name a lot lately!

But ... she's awfully adorable! And she loves her Mommy.

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