Monday, April 05, 2010

Two Months

Selah was two months old on Saturday, but I decided to wait until today to post anything because she had her checkup with the doctor this morning. Here are her stats:
Weight: 11 pounds, 12 ounces (80%)
Length: 23 3/4 inches (95%)

As you can see, she's growing well and doing great! She typically goes to sleep around 11 and sleeps until 5 or 6. Usually she goes back to sleep after eating then, sometimes right away sometimes after an hour or so. I can count on her sleeping until at least 9 after that. So that's definitely a schedule I can live with. :) She had three shots today, making her a little fussy and sleepy this afternoon. Daddy is snuggling her in the recliner right now. Doesn't she look pitiful?

And here's a cute bonus picture of Selah and Kaity in their matching Easter dresses.

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