Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shakespeare Can Be Fun!

I recently found out about a series of books by Lois Burdett called Shakespeare Can Be Fun. It's Shakespeare's plays condensed into a readable style for children. The author uses many of the same phrases, so that you still feel like it's the Bard, but she reworks it overall in a great rhyming scheme that my kids loved. We started out gently with A Midsummer Night's Dream. As a little project to go along with it, I had the kids draw their own illustration of what a love flower would look like to them. For those of you not familiar with the story, the fairy king instructs his sprite (Puck):
"I need you to find an unusual flower. I'm in frantic need of its magical power. It's called love-in-idleness, my little sprite; It's purple in colour, though it used to be white. When sleeping eyes are streaked with its juice, A powerful love potion is set loose."

This is Joe's interpretation:
He dictated to me: "It has the smell of coconut. I love it very much. It smells like kiwi, bananas, and ice cream. The flower looks like an imaginary flower. It has one hundred petals. The stem is red, the center is red, and the petals are blue. The leaves are yellow. I would use my love flower on Mom."

This is Kaity's take on the project ...
"My love flower has purple petals and a white stem. My love flower does not have leaves. It smells like flower petals. My flower looks like a tulip. It has a pink center. I would use it on Selah. It has dark purple splotches."

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