Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Thursday morning my mom called and asked if we'd be interested in meeting her and Berk in Greensboro for lunch. Naturally we were, and we decided to meet downtown and look around for a spot to eat. Mom and I both did a bit of research on-line before we got there, finding a local cafe pretty interesting. We sent Berk on a recon mission to check it out before we actually went in, and he pronounced it worth a try. Turns out, Yesterday Cafe was really good! And downtown Greensboro is definitely somewhere I'd love to explore a bit more. We strolled down a couple of blocks and found a local market that sells some locally produced fruits and veggies, honey, angus beef and chicken. They have an ice cream counter, too! The kids and I each got a scoop. :)

It was such a wonderful, unexpected treat to get to see "Grammie and Bobba" in the middle of the week like that!

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Anonymous said...

I actually work in Greensboro for the County Commissioners. I eat here all the time. Great lunch place, isn't it?

-Chris Edwards