Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods ...

Last week the kids and I made an impromptu visit to see my parents. Actually, I had several people I wanted to visit, but ultimately it was a chance to see Mom and Berk. We drove down to Thomson on Friday morning and spent a few hours with my dad's mother. We went to lunch and enjoyed a good visit. She hadn't had a chance to meet Selah until then.

I didn't get any pictures at our next stop, which was with our good friends Paul and Sandy. I've known them since I was 9! Sandy made snickerdoodles for us, a cookie whose perfection has eluded me in my pursuit of baking them. Sandy's were wonderful. After Paul and Sandy, we were supposed to stop by my friend Allison's house. She was oh, about 4 days "overdue" with her first baby and I was going to drop off her present. But I left it on the couch at home instead. Naturally. So I just called and talked with her for a while. (While I was parked! Certainly not while driving down the road, Mom.)

And then on to see Mom and Berk! My nephew, Rali was there, too. He and Kaity and Joe had a lot of fun playing together, especially with Bobba.
(Selah's bib here says "Perfect Just Like Mommy". My mom bought it for her and I guess she would know!)

Here's Ralston, in the original of the pictures I posted a few days ago. You can see how much better the "Picnik-ed" photos are.

After a half dozen tries, I gave up trying to get them all to look at the camera at the same time.

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