Friday, December 04, 2009

Quarry Field Trip

We went on a fabulous field trip yesterday to "Daddy's Work"! The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Out of our homeschool group, eleven families were represented, totaling 35 people! The kids ranged in age from a one-year to sixteen. The Martin Marietta Jefferson Quarry did an amazing job hosting us. They rented vans for us to ride in and even provided hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch after the tour. One family of children said it was the best field trip they'd ever been on. Another great compliment was one of the teenage boys asking Jeff how to go about getting a job at a quarry.

Hannah, Lydia and Kaity. We all had to wear hardhats while touring the quarry.

"The Moms" -- two more were there, but didn't make it in the picture.

Lunch. And me with food in my mouth as usual.

We went back out after the blasters had finished with setting off a shot so we could see the difference in the wall of the pit.

In the lower left side of the pit, you can see a rectangular section where the granite is whiter. That's where the shot was located.

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