Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nativity Cupcakes

Our homeschool Christmas party is tomorrow! We're pretty excited about getting together with our friends and celebrating the birth of our Saviour. We've developed a couple of traditions within our group, like serving our favorite brunch dishes and doing a book exchange between the children. All the moms pitch in and help bring food and organize crafts/activities. Our group has quite a wide range of ages, typical in a homeschooling organization. It can be a challenge to make sure there's something for everyone, but I think all the kids have fun.

This year, I offered a combination dessert/craft for my contribution. I started on it today since we'll be gone all afternoon and we leave for the party at 8:30 in the morning.

Nativity Cupcakes
I started by baking two batches of cupcakes, chocolate fudge and butter yellow. Betty Crocker is my friend here!

The decorating is the fun part! I purchased shredded wheat cereal, mini marshmallows, graham crackers, colored sprinkles, star-shaped sprinkles, and white frosting.

Once the cupcakes cooled, I made an example for the kids to follow. They'll decorate their own tomorrow. I frosted the top lightly. Then, I rolled the cupcake gently in sprinkles. Breaking the graham cracker in half, and half again, I poked the ends into the top of the cupcake in a V-shape. I crumbled a mini-wheat into the "manger" for hay, and added two mini marshmallows to make a baby Jesus. As a finishing touch, I placed a star sprinkle at the top!

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