Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ballet Recital

This is how far behind I am with posting - Selah's ballet recital was May 23rd!

Rehearsal was on the day before the recital and I got a few pictures of our sweet little ballerina then:

Can you tell she was swishing her tutu around?

My parents drove up to see the actual recital, and Selah's "best friend Gabe" came to see her dance, too! He (and Miss Kim) even brought her flowers, which was very sweet.

I cooked a cold supper ahead of time so that when we got home from the performance I could just take it out of the fridge and we'd be ready to eat.

Pork tenderloin, sweet potato yeast rolls, green bean/brown rice salad, strawberry soup and fresh fruit.

I couldn't resist buying this little ballerina look-alike dress for Lauryn.

"K-K-Kaity, beautiful Kaity ... you're the only g-g-girl that I adore ..."

Lauryn was fascinated with Grammie's bandage.

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