Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend we drove up to Brasstown Bald - the highest point in the state of Georgia. The last time we were there I was pregnant with Selah, so Joe didn't even really remember the trip.

Right away, we saw a garter snake on the trail!

Kaity made sure she and her sisters had their matching white hats.
I love how we're all sitting with our hands in the same position! Weirdos.

Of course, long drives as a family typically result in some pretty funny conversations or observations:

Jeff, upon realizing he'd forgotten to have his morning coffee said, "That's why I'm so ..." He trailed off and gave me a blank look.



Laughing, I asked, "Did you do that for irony?"

"... No, that actually happened."

I was in the passenger seat reading when I came across an outdated statistic that said, "According to recent polls 40% of American couples first discuss marriage in a car." I read it aloud to Jeff, since he proposed to me while driving down the road in his 1966 VW Beetle.

Without missing a beat, he exclaimed, "Yeah, 'cause you're trapped!"

Jeff reached over to turn up the radio when he caught sight of my expression and asked me what was up.

"Nothing, really, I was just going to start a conversation with you."

Jeff, cranking up the radio: "Then that was perfect timing!"

(And yes, he was kidding!)


On the way home, I overheard my 75-year-old daughter in the backseat say, "I'm working on my cross-stitch while playing Bingo."

I have no context for you, because that was all I heard of the conversation! And yes, that's exactly what Kaity was doing.

One last observation from the day:
Kaity used some babysitting money she'd earned to buy rock candy for herself and her siblings. I thought how they approached their candy was a funny snapshot of their individual personalities.

Selah's pink candy: *crunchcrunchcrunch* Gone in sixty seconds.

Joe's green candy: While licking it carefully, "How much have you eaten, Selah? How much have you eaten, Kaity? I have *this much* left!" So competitive!

Kaity's purple candy: "I'm saving mine."

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