Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chore Charts and An Adorable Baby

I've completed a few projects lately, mostly related to organizational or discipline issues with the kids. First up is a reminder chart for Selah. The flower petals are lightly adhered to the paper using double-sided tape. Whenever I catch her sucking her thumb she has to remove a petal from the flowers. If she loses all the petals in a day she has to go to bed early that night. She's doing really well so far!

I made another one that's purple with pink flowers. Bonus: They are reusable!

Next up, the kids' chore charts. They have always had chores and various charts over the years, so this is just the latest permutation. It combines daily chores and tasks that need to be done weekly. On the right-hand side is a selection of paid chores they can do - after their regular ones are done. The money is clipped to the chore, but they must have permission to begin it and it has to be inspected and approved when complete.

I actually implemented this a few weeks ago and it's working very well. Kaity has been gone for two weeks (Grammie's, then camp) so she's a little off-kilter, but overall I think this latest version will work very well for us. I really like that if I need a disciplinary measure, I can require the kids to do a paid chore for free - Mommy gets the money!

Since they are now regularly earning money, I needed "piggy banks" for the kiddos to use. When Jeff and I went shopping for my birthday, that's one of the things I looked for. My on-line research told me the cheapest thing I'd be able to find was about $15 apiece, since I wanted a bank that could divide the money three ways.  I thought spending $45 on saving banks was a bit of an oxymoron, so I was crazy-excited to find the perfect boxes at the craft store for only $1.42 each!

I used an X-acto knife to cut slots in the top for Saving, Spending, and Tithing.

I measured out and cut spare cardboard into dividers.


And here they are on their new home - the top of the kitchen bookshelf.

 Ooh, look, an adorable baby!

She was so tired she fell asleep practically bent in half!

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