Monday, June 09, 2014

You Don't Know Jack

So Selah has an imaginary friend named Jack. Apparently he's "handsome, like Daddy". She doesn't mention him every day, but now and then she'll make some off-hand remark about him. Walking down the stairs the other day she announced, "Jack's coming over! *sigh* But I don't love him anymore." She shrugged her shoulders and said frankly, "I'm just a little girl."

One day Selah set up a "house" at the foot of the stairs. She laid down on the bottom step and pulled her blanket up to her chin. After draping her hand across her forehead, she picked up the phone and said in a pitiful tone, "I can't marry you today, Jack. I don't feel well."

And now for some cute pictures!

Selah and Lauryn playing peek-a-boo!