Monday, October 28, 2013

Mnozil Brass

Not long ago, our friend Chad introduced Jeff to Mnozil Brass, a virtuoso ensemble that is "probably the strangest brass septet ever to emerge from Vienna."* They are a group which could be described as seven Victor Borges or Mr. Bean crossed with Monty Python, plus brass instruments.

Last week, Jeff discovered that Mnozil would be performing a mere six hours away in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. He immediately called Chad, and after a few hiccups, they decided they HAD to make the trip! It was a one day, 800-mile round trip that Jeff says was totally worth it. Mnozil Brass plays with "an open mind, typical Viennese 'Schmäh' (almost impossible to find an English equivalent, but best rendered as a kind of sarcastic charm), along with immense technical skills."* But you can see for yourself here:

And here:

I'm completely jealous that I didn't get to go, but it was just impossible this time. Next time, though ...

*Quotes are from the University of Florida Performing Arts 2013-2014 season program

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