Monday, October 07, 2013

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Our weekend started on Thursday this week! Jeff and I had a date night while our friend Kim braved all four of our kiddos. She's so great with them and we're very blessed to have her as a friend who also loves our kids! Since my time away from Lauryn is fairly limited at this point we kept it simple with an evening in Athens. First stop, dinner at DePalma's. I seriously love that restaurant! I can never resist the focaccia with spinach-gouda dip, and for dinner I had the apple gorgonzola salad, topped with chili-glazed salmon. As a bonus, the background music was awesome: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway ... lots of great memories there! We bought Jeff a much-needed pair of shoes, then ended the evening with fantastic coffee: Jittery Joe's at The Coffee Shop of Athens.

Friday the three big kids headed off to Nannie and Papa's. Lauryn and I had the afternoon to ourselves, in which I watched Dr. Horrible (again) and some original series Star Trek while doing laundry and taking a lovely nap. Lauryn ate, got diapered, and slept.

When Jeff got home, we celebrated Football Friday Night for the first time in years! Someone Jeff graduated with is now the head coach at a high school in a different county. His high school class decided to get together and have a reunion at the game where the two teams came up against each other - which turned out to be a great idea! We saw lots of Jeff's old friends and classmates (not all of them band nerds), and even though my high school was an hour or so away, I saw some classmates, too! My daddy taught me not to look when I heard a man whistle at me, but when a man in a crowded football stadium yells out your maiden name you tend to pay attention! We hung around chatting until the important part of the game - the half-time show - was over. (Jeff says a football game is just a band concert surrounded by guys throwing a ball around.) After leaving the game we headed over to the pizza place where Jeff and Joe worked in high school. His former boss was there, along with another friend from school. We had a really enjoyable time visiting with them ... until Lauryn decided to fill up the next-to-last diaper we had with us! We headed home right after that. We learned something, though! When you unexpectedly run out of diapers in a rural Georgia town at 11:00 p.m. (long after they've rolled up the sidewalks!) you can be pretty doggone creative. Despite this being our fourth child, new experiences abound!

Saturday was really busy with household stuff, grocery shopping, etc. When Jeff got home from work we went to his parents' house where his mom had a full pot roast dinner waiting on us! I brought strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Sunday was a full day of family time and worship at church: Bible study, fellowship with friends, challenging sermons, and Kaity's youth choir sang in the evening service. 

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