Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

You just can't make this stuff up ...

**I called the kids "guys" while trying to get their attention and Selah said, ""I not 'guy', I Selah-Bella. We not guys anymore, that's Joe!"

**Kaity, noticing the bleach splotches on Selah's jeans (long story!): "What happened to your pants?"
Selah, confused: "I don't know. They're all strange!"
Moments later, Selah calmly explains why she can't find her flip-flop: "Kaity, the monster taked my flip-flop."

**Jeff and Joe were playing a card game the other night. Joe made a move that showed he didn't understand the rules. Jeff said, "I thought we already taught you how to play this game." Joe responded, "What? You can't expect a man to remember everything!" 

**And speaking of being a man, I let Joe fix the piano bench last week! The bottom that forms the storage portion of the bench had come off. I showed him how to hammer the nails in and then let him have at it! He did a great job. 

**Selah has a funny little obsession with houseflies. She seems to think they are all the same fly. Every time she sees one, no matter where, she squeals, "It's my best friend fly! My best friend fly is back!" Today she saw one buzzing around and she came over to me with a petulant look and complained in a disappointed tone, "The fly won't come to me! I want to hug him."

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