Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Permanent State of Dorkiness

Okay. It's a known fact that I am a dork. As a teenager I did not spend countless hours learning how to apply makeup, fix my hair, how to pose for a camera ... I was too busy reading. And as a result of this deficiency, I am now incapable of being in a photograph that does not show my glaring dorkiness. Being photogenic is not a skill I've mastered. My head is always tilted to one side or the other. Or, though I'm not overweight, I somehow hold my head in such a way that I have a double-chin. Or I have buckteeth. Anyway, Jeff was poking fun at the pictures he was taking of me the other day, and I explained to him that there was no use in even taking pictures because I did not need photographic evidence of my permanent state of dorkiness! So he asked me to go through my rant again. While he filmed it. And I didn't know it.

Two things:

1. I love how casual Kris is about the whole thing. "Oh, okay." It's perfectly reasonable to him that Jeff is filming me being a dork. Also, please note that Kris doesn't say, "You're not a dork!" or anything like that. Because he knows it's true. *sigh*

2. Jeff loves the ending where I say, "You can stop anytime now ... Heifer."

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