Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kaity!

Today is Kaity's birthday! I know every parent always says it, but man, has time flown by! I can hardly believe our little Kaitlyn Grace is eleven. She and Joe stayed the night with Jeff's parents Friday night, and yesterday they came home to a birthday celebration. I lined the kitchen doorway with 11 balloons and pink crepe paper, with a birthday card from Mommy and Daddy and one from Joe hanging down. Each balloon was stuffed with a dollar bill! We gave Kaity our copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and then drove her crazy all evening asking, "What part are you on now?" and then quoting parts of it to her. That gave her ample opportunity to think, while rolling her eyes and giggling, "My parents are such nerds!"

For dinner, I served one of Kaity's favorites, Chicken Tetrazzini. Then we played Clue while eating Pumpkin Monkey Bread (SO incredibly good!). I made Butterbeer, a drink from the Harry Potter series, that's a concoction of cream soda, butterscotch syrup and whipped cream. It was yummy!

Kaity is truly a joy in our lives. A baby who captivated us, a toddler who delighted us, a little girl who charmed us, and growing into a young lady of whom we can be proud! And who wouldn't be proud of a daughter who leaves messages like this on your fridge?

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