Friday, October 07, 2011

Home Improvement

I have lots of projects I would love to do in the house. Some cost a little, some cost a LOT, and some are blessedly free. Depending on how much money I have available, I like to take out a project idea and bring it to life now and then. You've seen my nerd clock and my dry erase board just to name a couple. Well, another free project I completed recently is this:

I had this shelf put away for a long time, and I finally hauled it  I finally had Jeff haul it out of storage. I cleaned it up, he hung it, and now it's the perfect spot for a few treasures. My copy of my cookbook, a Mason jar (not in the picture, but it holds all the dry erase markers for my board), a little (East) German teacup from my childhood, a recipe box I was given at my first wedding shower, and all my aprons! I love making little improvements in our home -- especially free ones!


Sweet Annabelle said...

Love to see your aprons! What a great place to hang them!

Found your blog and copied the link into my bookmarks - just found it again today. I've enjoyed browsing through your posts!

God bless!

jeni said...

Thanks so much!