Tuesday, October 11, 2011

German By Immersion

The best way to learn a language is by using it. Jeff and the kids and I have learned phrases and words that we use in our everyday conversation which helps keep the language fresh in our minds. In addition to what we're learning through Rosetta Stone, we also labeled a bunch of stuff in the house with German tags.

Spiegel - mirror; Steppe - stair; Bild/Bilder - picture/pictures

Some things are labeled with their noun, some with their color. In this case, the fireplace itself is labeled as a Kamin, while the mantel ...

... is labeled as weiß (white).

All the doorways are labeled with the room name you are entering, in this case the Küche (kitchen).
As for Selah, she's still trying to master English, but we haven't let her off the (German) hook. Jeff translated one of her books into German. "Old Hat, New Hat" has become "Alten Hut, Neuen Hut"!

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Kim Huacuja Gipson said...

I love this idea. A few years ago I tried to revisit the German language. I found that I had lost most of what I had learn as a child. Maybe its time to give it another go, and maybe teach Jeff and Stella a little as well.