Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Circle Yer Wagens - Fall 2011

Last Saturday, Jeff, our friend Kris, and I drove up to Sevierville, Tennessee to Circle Yer Wagens, a VW show/swap meet. We rode up in Kris's little diesel VW.

My handsome fella.

"Stop taking pictures of me, already. I know I'm a dork, I don't need photographic evidence!"

Hi, Kris!

On top of the mountain! A balmy 36° - those aren't smiles on our faces, we're grimacing!

Jeff and Kris talking with Gary and Gary, Jr. about all things V-Dub.

You'll see this again soon. I bought it for a craft project - for ONE dollar! Score.

On the way home we stopped on the side of the road with about 50 other people to watch 2 elks tussle with one another. Apparently it's the beginning of their rutting season.

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