Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes ...

My kids provide something for me to laugh about nearly every day. I've saved up a few from the last couple of weeks. Joe is just at the age where he provides more fodder for me, but I'll close with a cute one from Kaity, Child of the Digital Age.

Joe was getting on his big sister's nerves. She made an aggravated "arrrr" sound at him. His response was, "Why did you "arr" me? I am not an "R"!" Let me tell you how happy that made Kaity!

On Thursday, I told the kids to get socks and shoes on. They were immediately suspicious, because we pretty much never leave the house on Thursdays. They started discussing between them what could be going on, where we could be going. Kaity tentatively suggested it was grocery shopping. In a long-suffering tone, Joe said, "It's not Friday, so ... apparently we're not going grocery shopping."

Joe was in the kitchen getting a snack. I called to him from the living room, asking if he needed help. "I got it!" he hollered back. Then a crashing sound. A pause. "I don't got it!"

Last but not least, Kaity was helping me in the kitchen one day and raced out the room abruptly. She called back, "I have to go to the bathroom ... BRB!"

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