Monday, March 15, 2010

Love It!

This morning I left Kaity in charge while I went to get a shower. When I came out, Kaity and Joe were on the love seat snuggling while she read a book to him. Selah was in her bouncy seat watching them. As I walked up behind them, Selah fussed a bit. Without missing a beat in her story, Kaity stuck her foot out and started rocking the bouncy seat to calm her. She's going to be such a good mommy!

The Rest of the Story ...

By the time I made it fully into the room, Joe had climbed onto the back of the love seat and fallen down onto an art project Kaity had left on the other cushion. Selah started crying. Kaity yelped at Joe and he sat up, raised a hand and said, "I'm okay!"

1 comment:

Leah said...

Oh, what a wonderful snippet of life! Kaity will be a great mom one day, and I know she will be a huge help to you with Selah. And Joe is just a ham--gotta love him:-)