Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, Kitty!

Our family now includes three cats. Daisy was a present to me from Jeff for my 19th birthday ... a hundred years ago. Smoky was the next addition. He used to live next door until he started spending more time over here than there. We asked if we could adopt him. :)
This is Daisy, routing Smoky from the best seat in the house.

Our third kitty is unusual in that she is brown! I've never seen a brown cat before, not like this. She's beautiful and shy -- until we all go to bed. Then she and Smoky tear up and down the stairs chasing each other until they collapse, exhausted, on our bed. Then they pounce on whatever moves under the covers.
Hershey, the chocolate kitty, blending in with our brown comforter.

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