Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Home" Schooling

Sometimes I think "homeschooling" is a misnomer - we often do school at the park, in the car, while running errands ... any number of places!

If I thought last week was crazy busy with the wedding festivities, this week was equally crazy with everyday life! Selah started taking ballet again on Monday, something she's wanted to do since we moved. We loved it so much there that we decided to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that it happened. This is with the same studio where Kaity took ballet for 5 years.

While Selah enjoyed her new ballet class, the other three kids and I went to the park downtown. It was such a gorgeous day that I abandoned the idea of going to the library. We did school outside instead!

Kaity in the gazebo:

Joe, doing handwriting on the playground.

Lauryn, being adorable, as usual.

This girlie loves to slide!

After a lovely hour at the park, we returned to pick up our little ballerina!

To celebrate the first day of ballet, we had a special treat - frozen yogurt! To make it even more special, I fixed a cup just for Daddy and we took it to him at the office. Jeff loves it when we stop by during the day to see him ... especially if we're bringing him a sweet treat!

From the office we headed to piano lessons. Selah and I worked on her schoolwork while Kaity and Joe each had their time with Mrs. Janay.

Math time!
I had the windows down and the sunroof open, enjoying the sunshine and fresh breeze.

Explode the Code! Her little ballerina bun is just too cute.
I sent the girls out to the sidewalk to color - and Lauryn managed to cover her palms in marker, too.
All told, it was a really lovely day - one of those that reminds me why I love homeschooling the children! Even if ... especially if? ... it's not at home.

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Lynnette said...

I love these pictures and seeing my grandchildren learning in such awesome environments. Selah looks very proud to be back in her ballerina dress.