Sunday, September 06, 2015

Table for Four, Please!

Since we moved into the house, we've wanted to get a table and chairs to go into the kitchen. The plan was that we'd have a dining room table where we'd eat family meals (and for company), and the kitchen would be for the kids to eat breakfast and lunch. Well, after just 10 short months, the first week of July, we found the perfect table!

It had to be fairly small, yet seat four kiddos. I also had my heart set on a round table, just because I thought that would work best in the space available. One Saturday I took Kaity out for lunch and to go browsing the antique stores in downtown. After looking at several options, I found the one I really liked, then dragged Jeff out so he could give his opinion. And his wallet.

The chairs were priced just at my budget (for a table and chairs!), so as a fairly experienced antique store browser, I asked the owner if I paid full price on the chairs would she throw in the table for free. After pondering a moment, she agreed! Awesome.

Here it is, before I did anything with it:

You can see here that there was a fair amount of rust (patina?) and the black paint was worn on the chairs.

I took the cushions off of the chair frames and cleaned them both up.

Then the frames got a few coats of chrome spray paint followed by a clear coat.

The table frame I sanded down and scrubbed, then gave it a few coats of "Exotic Sea", which sounds much more magical than it really was.

And ended up with this! I love that the set appears to have a small footprint in the space because of the open framework and see-through tabletop.

At this point I only had two of the chairs finished, but I couldn't wait to take pictures!

The table has worked out really well in our kitchen. I love it just as much now as I did then!

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Lynnette said...

I love it...Looks great!