Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Windows '15

When my parents replaced the windows in their former home, they kept all the old ones to use for various things. I was more than happy to take a few off of their hands! The first of my projects finally came together and it has been a wonderful tool.

Left to right, top to bottom, the panes are: Joe's artwork, Joe's chore chart, message board space, Kaity's chore chart, a magnet board, Selah's artwork, Selah's chore chart, Kaity's artwork.

I love that the kids can keep track of their responsibilities on their own. The house is running so much more smoothly now that I'm not the one constantly telling everyone what to do. They know what our expectations are and though I do sometimes have to keep them on track, for the most part they get everything done in a timely manner. The best thing I think I've done is to turn over the dishwashing to them! Between the three big kids, the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded typically twice a day.

The charts are, of course, behind the glass and the kids use dry erase markers to check off their chores. The magnet board I made by using tin snips to cut out a rectangle of galvanized sheet metal. It's glued to the glass. I made the magnets out of Scrabble tiles, because I'm me.

Here's a better view of where the "command center" is:

It also solved my problem of needing a larger piece of artwork or whatever to break up that big blank wall. So, yay - two birds with one stone!


Lynnette said...

This is a great idea!!!

Jeni said...

Why, thank you. :) And thank YOU for the windows.