Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kaity is FIFTEEN!

I seriously have a hard time believing that I'm writing this post. Especially considering that the first picture I posted on this blog was this one, which was taken with a film camera, developed, scanned and uploaded - a total process that only took a couple of weeks.

April 2006 - Joe was 21 months old. Kaity was 5.
 Anyhoo ... Joe and I made the cake together! I baked a Strawberry Fudge Cake, and Joe used his newly acquired cake decorating skills to pipe designs on it. He has been taking a class through our home school co-op.

He did a green vine with leaves around the top and a purple shell border around the base of the cake.

Thursday night we had a family party at home with all of Kaity's favorite snacks! So, basically we ate bread and cheese. Yay! Feta dip (diced tomatoes, green onion, feta, olive oil, Greek seasoning); multi-grain baguette; cheddar dip with beef, tomatoes and peppers; tortilla chips; Muddy Buddies; and Savory Party Bread.

Daddy and Lauryn
Beautiful Birthday Girl
Opening presents! Joe and Selah had so much fun shopping for Kaity's gifts. Joe got her a Star Wars poster, a coloring book with intricate patterns, and new ear buds. Selah (and Lauryn!) got her purple fuzzy socks and an insulated cup.

Grammie joined us for part of the festivities via video chat! She got to watch Kaity open presents and blow out the candles on her cake.

One of Grammie and Bobba's presents had arrived, too - Doctor Who weeping angel pajamas!

Jeff and I got her a new cover for her tablet and a necklace with Link's sword from Legend of Zelda:

"Happy Birthday to You ..."

We played games until late!
Several of the girls from our church youth group organized a surprised birthday party for Kaity during the Sunday night youth service. It was incredibly sweet of them! They had cupcakes and cards and presents and the kids all sang to her. She was completely shocked! We've been blessed to be part of such a loving group.

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