Tuesday, December 02, 2014

PE, Home School Style!

Last night, Jeff broke out Wii Sports again for the first time in a while. He and Kaity and I played, then fruitlessly tried to teach Selah. This morning, Kaity and Joe convinced me to let them do Wii Sports as P.E. for school, on the condition that they clean up the living room first!

I had forgotten about one of their favorite games, which involves Wii Boxing. Joe is a world-famous boxer and Kaity is his trainer. She encourages and critiques and trains from the sidelines (are there "sidelines" in boxing?) while he boxes.

"Left! Rgiht! Nunchuck! Wii remote!"

It's important to stay hydrated.
 Kaity draped my robe over him, just like a real boxer, while waiting for the match to load. He complained that the robe was a little girly for him so Kaity told him he could just pretend to be Gorgeous George.

 And despite the fact that it LOOKS like Selah has been boxing, she hasn't. She and Kaity were being silly last night; Selah fell off the recliner and lost a fight with the side table.

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