Thursday, December 04, 2014

My Super Heroes

So this is happening at my house right now ...

Cat Attack, Lunara, Super Sports Guy, and Fox Baby! To the Rescue!
Their capes are the personalized blankets my mom bought them for Christmas last year, and Joe said, "Maybe I shouldn't have had my secret identity embroidered on my cape."

Introducing: Super Sports Guy! His power glove knocks out enemies with a super strong punch! Pow! With his specially designed glove, he can shoot a laser beacon and tractor beam. He can use his cape to glide! Super Sports Guy also excels at any sport and runs incredibly fast!

Introducing: Lunara! She can control water in any state! She can use her cape to glide! Lunara is able to create invincible forcefields! She uses her handheld super-computer to communicate with her team and to thwart villains with her awesome technological powers!

Introducing: Cat Attack! She has super cat powers including super sharp claws! Cat Attack uses her Clippers (patent pending) to trace villains! She also has a giant gun!

Introducing: Fox Baby! She's super adorable! Faster than a speeding parent! Remove her pacifier to hear her super-sonic scream! Fox Baby uses her Diaper Bombs to attack villains!

1 comment:

Lynnette said...

These are super heroes I would not want to go up against!! Good thing I am a good girl!!