Wednesday, December 03, 2014

My Little Girls

Poor little Lauryn has had a rough few weeks. She just can't seem to shake an ear infection, and now she has bronchitis! Sunday morning, Jeff and I were getting ready for church when we heard Lauryn start to cough. We looked at each other with that parental sixth sense, somehow knowing that couldn't be good. Sure enough, she had a fever!

I love the precious snuggles I get when my babies are sick but Lauryn more than any of the others is a Mama's girl. No one else will do! Jeff and I amused ourselves last night by exploiting that fact. I held Lauryn while Jeff stood close by. When she looked at him, he would put his hands out as if to take her. She'd immediately and emphatically shake her head, "no", then turn away from him. Hands down and she'd look at him again. Another fun game involved Jeff putting his hand on my shoulder. When he did, Lauryn would whimper and fuss, pushing at his hand and giving him a dirty look. Move the hand, instant calm.

Since Selah hit her face on the side table, she's been pretty snuggly, too. The household chores have definitely taken a temporary back seat to this scene:

It makes Selah feel better to have ice to put on her eye.

The whole time I was trying to read, Lauryn was fussing with my book: rubbing her hand on the page, trying to turn the pages, patting it with her hand. 

"Thumb, Selah!"

What a pitiful face!

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