Sunday, December 07, 2014

Lauryn Snuggling with Other People

As I have mentioned before, Lauryn is a Mama's girl.There are times, however, when Mama kinda needs to do other things! One day I was cooking dinner when Lauryn kept standing at my feet begging to be held. I called Jeff into the room and said, "I know, only Mama can make her happy. But only Mama can cook dinner, too, so ... it's your choice." Grinning, he scooped her up and carried her off to the living room while commenting something like, "Here, I'll just take care of Lauryn for you." That's a smart feller I married.

Big sister Kaity makes a nice stand-in when I'm busy, too.

"The Diggingest Dog" by Al Perkins

Yes, that's a stuffed cat on Kaity's head, Ali-cat. It was a gift from my friend Alicyn when Kaity was very little.

That's a good Daddy right there.

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