Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Poor little Lauryn has had a virus for a few days now. She's been getting plenty of rest and snuggles from Mommy! She and I stayed home from church today so as not to spread the plague. We had a nice day together, doing laundry, watching The Paradise, listening to a sermon on-line, vacuuming, and cooking lunch.

Bless her tiny, pitiful heart.
(Also, this picture kind of reminds me of Doc Brown from Back to the Future. It's the crazy hair and the wide eyes, I think. Great Scott!)

 Ah, browsing the Sunday afternoon comics, just like the olden days.

No one can resist the sunbeam on our living room floor. It's like a magnet ... a glorious, soporific magnet.

As evidenced by this picture from a couple of weeks ago, even I have fallen under the sunbeam's spell:

In other news, the girls' personal shopper (our sweet friend Kim!) gave us a goody bag today! Are these not the sweetest little dress coats ever?! The only difference is the size and color, so I turned Lauryn's over in order to show off the adorable detailing on the back. The pajamas are Lauryn's, and Selah has a matching pair! Kim has such a great knack for finding terrific deals on the cutest clothes.

Here are the girls in their matching pajamas! Lauryn was not happy that Mommy put her down for 5 seconds.
"How dare you betray me like that?"

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