Sunday, November 16, 2014

Double Date

Last month Jeff and I were very excited to get to see Alton Brown on his Edible Inevitable tour! It's like a live episode of Good Eats (which you should definitely check out if you never have). Or Mr. Wizard meets the Swedish Chef. At any rate, it was awesome.Totally worth the long wait, considering we bought the tickets in June!

We had a chance to go on another date just last week. Jeff had a couple of vacation days to use up so he picked a random Thursday and Friday for a nice long weekend. Thursday, we put Lauryn down for a nap and left Kaity in charge of Joe and Selah, then headed out to the big city of Statham to check out all the antique stores! We had so much fun browsing through and dreaming of what we could use in our house. At one point I was musing over a mirror, knowing just where I'd put it. As we wandered away, a man who had been rearranging a display behind us spoke up and asked if we were interested in the mirror. I replied affirmatively, and he told us that he was preparing to mark it and everything on the wall down by 40%. Naturally, I wandered my little self right back over to that mirror and started calculating. In the end, I picked up three things:

This is the original mirror that caught my eye.
"Hey, y'all!" This mirror is 30 x 40 and doesn't yet have a home. I have several places in mind, so we'll just have to see.
I've been wanting a big United States map for the schoolroom, and this one is perfect!
The only problem is that Jeff fell in love with it and suggested we hang it in the living room so we can see it all the time! (Side Note: Every time I look at a map like this I always think of that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Sam says, "Where's Seattle?" Jonah points, and Sam says, "Where's Baltimore?" Jonah's stumped and Sam retorts, "Tha-a-at's right!", jabbing a finger at the map. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... it's like, 26 states away!")

Total price of my three finds? $37.84! I think we'll have to start dating more often.

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