Friday, May 09, 2014

My Music Man

I'm married to a dreamer. That's not a negative thing, of course. It just means that it's a good thing I'm pragmatic and can keep him grounded! I'm used to nodding and smiling until the latest idea passes or comes to a point where I have to actually introduce reality into the mix. Sometimes he comes up with really wonderful ideas and I happily join in on the dream. 

"We should take a road trip to California!" (nod and smile)
"With the kids." (nod and smile)
"In the Beetle!"  (Time to panic!)

"Let's trade in your beloved Taurus for a big silver rectangle!" (nod and smile) Oh, wait, I actually agreed to that.

"I want to live on a boat." (nod and smile)
"On a lake." (nod and smile)
"In the mountains." (nod and smile)

"Let's take a road trip to New Hampshire!"  (nod and smile) Oh, yeah - I agreed to that one, too, thankfully.

"We should open a coffeehouse." (That was a close one!)

Sometimes his ideas are pretty outlandish or just incredibly impractical. In that case it's best to inject a little humor into the situation and hope it blows over! Case in point: Last night he revisited his idea to build an earthship. "Do you think we're actually hippie enough to do this?" (nod and smile) We discussed it for a bit, and he mentioned that he likes the idea of reusing the household water. At this point he's starting to sound a little too serious about the idea so I said, "Yeah, until you're caught with a cistern empty on a Saturday night and that's trouble!" (If you recognize that quote from "The Music Man" you get bonus points!) Jeff laughed so hard he forgot all about the earthship - for now, anyway!

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