Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You

Side Note: Last year on the first weekend in May Jeff and I were supposed to go for a drive in the mountains - the Tail of the Dragon, specifically, with a group of other Volkswagen enthusiasts - new Beetles, specifically. But then my beloved friend Leah had her baby and my pregnancy sympathy hormones kicked in. At the last minute, Leah's sister Ruth and I decided that we should make the 6-hour drive to North Carolina to meet the newest addition, despite the fact that she and I were both REALLY pregnant. It was a wonderful, adventurous trip, and I'm glad we braved it!

This year Jeff and I discussed driving the Tail of the Dragon again and we decided it would be a guys only trip. I'll post about their trip next time - when Jeff is home to help with the details.

This post is actually about the trip the girls and I made to visit Mom and Berk while Jeff and Joe were gone. We stopped along the way to visit with our dear friends Paul and Sandy, whom we hadn't seen since Selah was a baby. Kaity and Selah loved finding the dress-up clothes Gaga keeps for her grandchildren, and we all enjoyed our time together very much!

The weather was absolute perfection, so we stayed outside as much as possible. It was a lovely visit.

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