Monday, May 19, 2014

Me and My Little Girls

A few weeks ago the big kids got invited to spend the weekend at Nannie's house. Their cousins were visiting over there so Nannie decided the more the merrier! That left me and the little girls with some time to ourselves. We spent one afternoon outside playing, working, and reading.

Camera Faces!

Climbing the tall, tall tree in our yard.

While I was working on cleaning and painting the doorway of the house, Selah got hold of the camera:

Lovely self portrait.

I kind of like this artsy shot.

Photo Bomb!

"Here, Merida, you sit here and I will take your picture!"
I won't show you the many, many pictures she took of the van, the rest of her toys, and my rear end.

Lauryn didn't mind being confined to her playpen because Selah made it fun!
Selah also made it fun for me to try to stretch out on the blanket to read: I took this picture over my shoulder!

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