Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Watchin' the Wheels Go 'Round & 'Round

After the "polar vortex" that hit us last week, we were all stoked to see the sun shining today! Daddy said to get those kids outside because it wouldn't last, so Mama kicked 'em out!

Selah got to play with her new little skates, and Joe and Kaity had fun with their roller blades.

Silly kids!

Also noteworthy today, I measured the kids' height and marked it on the wall. Compared to last January, Kaity has gotten 2 inches taller, Joe 2-1/2, and Selah has grown 4 inches! In just six months, Lauryn has grown 7 inches. :)

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Catherine McEver said...

Um....can I borrow some of their growth hormones? :)