Thursday, January 02, 2014

Lauryn's Crib

After weeks of practically folding this child in half to wedge her into her bassinet, Jeff and I finally got her crib put together.  Lauryn hardly knows what to do with all that space!

She looks so tiny now!

She is our first baby who has actually slept on her back, and once she's out, she pretty much doesn't move all night long! She always wakes up with a smile, too, even from naps. Often, my only clue she's awake is when I hear the tell-tale "shoof-shoof-shoof" of her legs pumping and kicking off her blankets, or the sound of her testing out her new voice by cooing. I have to hurry then, to beat Kaity or Joe to the opportunity of seeing that first huge grin! Selah always announces, "Lauryn's awake!" excitedly ... whether from joy at seeing her sister again, or joy that now she can be reasonably noisy again, I'm not sure!
Lauryn looks a bit skeptical here, but trust me, she loves it!

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