Thursday, July 04, 2013

Mommy-Daughter Date

One of my "Before Lauryn Arrives" goals has been to take each of the big kids on a Mommy date. I took advantage of Jeff getting off work early last Saturday to take Kaity out. We went to The Pottery Palette, (where I painted the coasters) because Kaity has been wanting to go since they opened. I gave her a budget and we took almost as long picking out what we wanted to paint as it took to actually paint them!

Kaity chose a set of owl salt and pepper shakers and a small plate.

It was almost as difficult choosing our colors - we had quite a variety, as you can see.

Here's mine, before being painted. (Those are owls, if you're like Jeff and wondered why the cats have such big mouths. Again, the limitations of being creative but not talented!

Here's mine, all done! I hope they look more like owls and less like cats now. Once fired, the colors will be a lot darker.

After we finished up with our pottery, we went to Sonic for Lemon-Berry Cream Slushes. They were delicious!

Yesterday we got to pick up our finished pottery pieces!

Kaity's owls keeping my Doctor Who and Star Trek salt and pepper shakers company. :)

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