Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Light in the Attic

Several days ago, I ventured into the attic in search of a particular box. Naturally, I found everything but what I was looking for! One gem I uncovered was my sewing box. It's been missing for months while my mending pile has grown to wild proportions. Apparently it had been sitting on top of a box I asked Jeff to store up there at some point.

I also came across a box of miscellaneous baby things, including ...

A hand-crocheted baby blanket from Jeff's baby days, as well as two newborn outfits that he and his twin brother Joe wore as babies. Since they were so little at birth, these were too big for our Joe to wear (he was 8 pounds, 8 ounces!) but the girls have worn them. (I remembered I have a post where Selah is wearing one of the outfits! Selah's First Bath)

"vintage" 1977 sleepers Ha!

I also found Kaity's "big sister" T-shirt that I made for her to wear to the hospital to see Joe the first time. I can't wait for Selah to wear it to come and see Lauryn!
I had Jeff bring down the bassinet so I could wash all the linens and get it ready for our new arrival. Kaity, Joe, Selah, and one of my nephews all used this bassinet. Selah was so eager to see a baby in it that she tucked her own Baby in. In fact, the first morning after I assembled it, she came running in my room to check it for Lauryn!

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Lynnette said...

Kaity needs one that says I am the bigger sister!!! :)