Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bathing Beauties

Last week, I went to dinner with a friend and while I was gone, Jeff decided to wash his Beetle and let the kids play in the pool.

The German plate on the Beetle is one he ordered on-line. He chose that one because it's from the city where I was born, though it's a modern plate (not vintage like one from my birth year would surely be!). The German plate I keep on the van is one my family actually used when we lived in Germany back in the 80's.

I think it's a little small.

Silly kids.

On another note, baby Lauryn and I are doing well. I skipped my appointment this week because I frankly didn't feel like going (sheer laziness) - so no real update. But we did tour the hospital this afternoon (we're delivering at a different hospital this time and had never been there). Jeff got to drive around and figure out where to go when the time comes. The house is slowly coming together to prepare for the arrival of our new little one. Thankfully, my mom is coming to help out for a couple of days - the whole "nesting instinct" thing has definitely not kicked in this time and I'm beginning to think it won't! Having my mom here will be motivating, if nothing else. We shall see ...

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