Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Pottery Palette

A couple of months ago, two friends of mine opened a new paint-your-own-pottery place in downtown. I was immediately excited, of course! Not only do I love to see new businesses come to the downtown area I couldn't wait to get in there and get creative. When I stopped in to say hello and check the place out, I knew I'd have a hard time deciding what to paint first. From adorable little figurines (owls!) to coffee mugs (Jeff!) to vases and platters ... decisions, decisions.

Anyway, you probably know me well enough to guess that I chose the practical route first. It helped that my friend Amber was with me and she chose the adorable owl, so I got to enjoy that vicariously. I picked out a coaster set, four disks with a black metal holder.

The plan, which I have already implemented, was to make a coaster for each child. Then when they drink water throughout the day they can place their cups on the coaster belonging to them. I don't have to wash 15 cups every day, and they don't have to wonder what happened to their cup.

I wish I were more artistic, but I know my limitations. Initials and polka dots.

Kaity, Joe, Selah, Lauryn. :)

Naturally Lauryn won't be using hers for a while, but I'm sure it'll come in handy for all those cups of coffee I'll need to get through her first year!

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