Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pistachio Ice Cream, Anyone?

I don't have any before pictures of this project, but "imagine, if you will ..." white. Boring, dirty, white. That sums up our upstairs bathroom. After 7 years, it is literally the only room in our house that I never painted, and it still is! Because my wonderful mother painted it.

After being overwhelmed with boredom at the sight of the kids' bathroom on a recent visit, Mom was determined to fix it up. While Kaity stayed with her for a few days, they picked out a shower curtain and made plans. Tuesday, Mom arrived and immediately put the kiddos to work. They got the upstairs cleaned, sorted, organized, decluttered, etc.

Meanwhile, I went to the hardware store and picked out paint! I wanted a light, fresh color in the blue/aqua/green family and I fell in love with Pistachio Ice Cream right away. (Ironic, considering I don't like ice cream. But I do love pistachios, so I guess it evens out.)

It feels so nice to have the upstairs ready for baby's arrival! I haven't mentioned it on here, but this pregnancy has been really physically challenging. The last three were a breeze comparatively (no age jokes, please!) but this one ... Phew! I mean, I'm perfectly healthy, Lauryn is healthy, it's just been ... challenging. Anyway, it was absolutely lovely having my mom here for a few days to help out with everything. I am so very thankful for her!

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